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Dressed To Kilt Auction

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Welcome to the virtual auction for Dressed To Kilt. A portion of the proceeds from the action will benefit the Navy Seal Foundation. 

The Most Expensive Kilt In The World

The kilt was made for Sir Sean Connery by Holland & Sherry in Peebles, Scotland. This bespoke kilt would fit a man between 6’2”-6’3” tall. It was the last kilt made for Sir Sean. It is the finest Scottish cashmere and it cost $8,000 to create. We have the governance of the kilt and the Tartan is that of Holland & Sherry.

Minimum Bid

Starting at $6000

Bespoke Sean Connery Tartan Outfit by Totty Rocks

The new Sir Sean Connery Tartan debuted for the first time anywhere in the world on July 24th at Dressed to Kilt. This kilt was a collaborative effort between Scottish Tartan designer Mark Gibson and the Connery family. This included Lady Connery, Stephan his son, and his granddaughters. Sir Sean’s granddaughters Natascha and Samara walked the Dressed to Kilt runway in bespoke designs by Totty Rocks in Edinburgh, Scotland. There is no other place in the world to gain access to this Tartan than through us . We shall now be auctioning off the right to have a bespoke outfit made for you in this new Tartan. This could be a jacket, coat, skirt, kilt, whatever. This would include designs for both men and women.  

Minimum Bid

Starting at $3000

The 007 Gun : Custom Engraved Walther Arms PPK/S*

Walther Arms, the maker of the famous James Bond PPK gun of choice, has created a one of a kind engraved “Bond Gun” to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Walther is excited to partner with the Dressed to Kilt event in remembrance of Sir Sean Connery. Though never officially working together, Walther and Sean Connery’s past are intertwined together through the ))& franchise. The influences of Sean Connery’s character for Walther played a vital role in the growth of Walther. If you wish to bid on the gun please go to the following link:

Minimum Bid*

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