2020 Chairmen Remarks

New Date: Saturday December 5, 2020

Summer 2020


Dear Friends,


2020 MESSAGE: We have all suffered greatly in 2020. We have been separated from our families, our businesses and livelihoods have been interrupted and many of us have lost friends and relatives this year. Having said this, it is not how the year started, but more importantly how it is ending. The DTK team chooses to end the year in a very positive and optimistic fashion. We are all defined in life by how we respond to defeat and adversity. We intend to end the year by celebrating life, diversity and the human spirit. DTK is by definition a celebration of diversity of cultures and individuals. Our fashion show is easily the most inclusive event around. We include Americans of all stripes: Native-Americans, British-Americans, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. Canadians and Brits are always well represented and as we are not political we welcome Republicans, Democrats and Independents. We honor heroes with our show. We celebrate Navy SEALS, US Medal of Honor recipients and this year we will be honoring physicians and nurses from hospitals all across NYC that fought the virus on a daily basis at the coal face. The theme of the 2020 fashion show will be “Scottish Clans & Native American Tribes” with a focus on Country Lifestyle Clothing.


NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION: We will again be raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation ( They support the families of the Navy SEALS that have given their life in service of our country. While we were sheltered in our homes this past year the Navy SEALS were not. We are reminded of the saying “that we sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence upon those who would do us harm”.  The Navy SEAL Foundation depends heavily for its revenues on events that it sponsors all across the country. It has been unable to hold any events this year because of the virus. It is therefore important for us to do everything that we can to host the 2020 DTK on Saturday, December 5.


DECEMBER 5–DTK VENUE: We can now announce that the date of the next DTK show will be Saturday evening December 5, and it will be held at the Mill Neck Manor Estate overlooking the Long Island Sound. It is a private 86 acre estate that is 45 minutes from NYC. It was built in the early 1920s and it was one of the original Great Gatsby Gold Coast mansions. We felt that it was appropriate to hold a fashion show promoting Country Lifestyle Clothing in a magnificent country estate. We chose this date because it allows us to both celebrate St. Andrews Day (November 30) and the Christmas holidays.


LIVE STREAMING: We can also now announce that for the first time ever we will be “Live Streaming” the 2020 event worldwide, thereby increasing our already significant global reach. Access to the Live Streaming will be $15. All these additional revenues will go to our charities. This will be a huge new advantage for our Designers and Sponsors. We would also like to make this the most DTK show as we will only be 3 weeks from Christmas. We would like to turn this into a holiday shopping opportunity for the attendees. Following the runway sho, for an hour or so, we will allow the attendees to view and walk around the rolling racks of clothes in the styling space.


Be safe, hang tough and hopefully we will also be able to toast together at the show the creation of the new virus vaccines!



Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll


Dressed To Kilt

New York, New York

Mr. Peter Morris OBE

Chief Executive Officer

Friends of Scotland Charity

Los Angeles, California

Left to Right: Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, Sir Sean Connery & Mr. Peter Morris OBE

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