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Scottish Clan (left) and Native American Tribe (Right)



The 2020 DTK fashion show will again promote Native American designers, models, music and tribes. These designs are very consistent with the theme of “Country Lifestyle Fashion”. We have always maintained that fashion without culture is hollow. The genesis for the combination of cultures comes from one of our friends who is a current Navy SEAL and grew up in Scotland but spent summers in Wisconsin with his father who was a tribal chief. He explained to us just how similar Native American tribes and Scottish clans are. We will celebrate the culture and couture of Native American tribes and Scottish clans with our next show. Listed below are just a few of the similarities of our cultures:

  • Each of the cultures was an indigenous people

  • Both nations were treated as tribal societies and driven from their lands

  • Both the Highlanders and Native Americans organized their societies around clan and kinship

  • Intermarriage between Highlanders and Native Americans reached all across North America in the 1800s and entire Scots-Indian families were produced from these unions

  • Numerous Scots-Indians took leadership positions within Native tribes. McGillivray with the Creeks, the Colber family with the Chickasaw, the Grants with the Cherokee Nation and McCoys and McKennas with the Choctaws to mention a few

  • Both the Cherokee Nation and the Creek Tribe have their own Scottish Tartans

  • There are a similar number of Tribes and Clans and there structure is similar

  • We believe that this show can extend the interest into our two nations, cultures and history


We will also be raising funds for the Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. Tens of thousands of Native Americans have served the United States in every military conflict since its funding. Today more than 30,000 Native Americans serve on active duty and more than 140,000 veterans identify as Native. A vision for this memorial came together in meetings with Native Americans and communities throughout the United States.  The memorial will honor all Native American veterans from all branches of the armed forces. It will honor the commitment and bravery and sacrifice of Native American service members who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, often paying with their lives.

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