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Below is a partial list of the individuals that have been invited to participate in the April 2023 Dressed to Kilt show. Many of them have already confirmed. As always, the final runway line-up will continue to expand over the coming months, so keep coming back to see the updates.


Admiral Thomas Richards 

Admiral Richards had a 30 year naval career during which he was a Navy SEAL and in the 1990s he served as the Commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command. In this position he was responsible for providing combat ready SEALS and Special Warfare Combat Crew Members to combatant commanders throughout the world.

Andy Torbet

He was born in Irvine, Scotland and is the closest thing to a real life Scottish James Bond that exists. He spent 10 years in the British Armed Forces as a Paratrooper, diver and bomb disposal officer, including serving with the 16 Air Assault Brigade. He is a member of MENSA and has served in many of the world’s troubled hot spots including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Falkland Islands. Oh, and he  plays Danial Craig’s stunt double in the current James Bond films.

Brian Cullen

Master Falconer, sportsman and lecturer on the ancient sport of falconry. Falconry was the sport of kings for hundreds of years, and Brian will walk the runway together with his falcon


Charlie Hurt

Washington Times Opinion Editor. Grew up in the Virginia countryside hunting and fishing

Charley Kirk

Founder & President of Turning Point USA

Geoff Day 

Napier University Edinburgh executive. Former head of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Hotties and Hunks Who Hunt

This is perhaps the most politically incorrect section of the show but it is also one of the most favorite sections with the attendees. Great looking men and women who beaver away at their office in the city during the week but can’t wait till the weekend when they head to the countryside

Jamie Gillan

“The Scottish Hammer” –  Originally from Inverness, Scotland, he is the new punter for the NY Giants football team. Prior to the Giants he was the punter and a fan favorite of the Cleveland Browns football team.


Kelly Anne Conway

Conservative pundit. First woman to run and win a presidential campaign

Lea Gabrielle 

Former US Department of State senior official – former FOX News journalist, Annapolis graduate, former US Navy fighter pilot on aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. She was also imbedded with the Navy SEALS in Afghanistan.

Loch Duart Salmon

The Rolls Royce of Scottish salmon farming will have one of their good looking lads walking the catwalk with a Scottish salmon

Lucy Sophia Thomson

From Fife, she also attended the University of Aberdeen. She is the current Miss Scotland

Natasha and Samara Connery

Sir Sean Connery’s granddaughters wearing bespoke outfits made in the new Sir Sean Connery Tartan

Nati Dredd

Singer who has risen to fame on her natidreddd TikTok channel. She has earned more than 1.8 million followers for her singing clips often featuring Celtic music with lyrics on-screen and featuring her signature greeting "hello, my wee darlins."

Rebekah Edmondson
Served 4 tours of duty in Afghanistan as a female attachment to the 75th Ranger Regiment, where she and her colleagues from the "Cultural Support Team" (CST) trained up a special unit of Afghani women. They were an all-female fighting force known as the Female Tactical Platoon (FTP). After the US military departed Afghanistan, Rebekah and the CST cohort worked to evacuate the FTPs who are now safely residing throughout the United States. Rebekah now works for the PenFed Foundation helping FTPs achieve financial stability and a pathway to US citizenship.

Robin King 

Chief Executive Officer of the Navy SEAL Foundation

Savannah Bananas

Only one time in the entire world plays baseball in kilts and it is the Savannah Bananas. Several of the Bananas players will make their runway debut in their kilts at DTK.

Taylor Winyard

From Peebles, Scotland, she recently set a world record in rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Together with her two mates they shaved a full day off the existing record.

​​The Honorable Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas)

Congressman serving Texas’s 2nd District. He is also a former Navy SEAL

Thomas Rettl

The current family owner of Rettl Kilts & Fashion in the Austrian Alps. The firm was started in the 1860s  and they are the only kilt maker in the German speaking world. Their winter skiing competitions in kilts are not to be believed

William Barr

Former Attorney General of the United States. He is a very accomplished and avid bagpipe player!​​​​​​​​


(should you wish to be considered a runway model for the 2022 show please contact, ).

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