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Miss Scotland Stuns at Dressed to Kilt on Tartan Day in Canada

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(April 7, 2024) Toronto, Canada – Dressed to Kilt, the premier showcase of Scottish heritage fused with cutting-edge fashion captivated audiences once again with its highly anticipated 2024 edition in Toronto, Canada last night to a packed crowd. Miss Scotland, Chelsie Allison stunned in her own kilt, Canadian Designer Diane Kroe, US-based brand Prophetik and a dress she wore for the Miss World competition in India.

This year’s was the first on Commonwealth soil celebrating tradition and innovation, bringing together top designers, influencers, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world. This is the first time ever Dressed to Kilt was held outside the United States.


The event was held at a historic former Ontario government building, the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, and featured an unparalleled display of creativity and craftsmanship, highlighting the timeless elegance of Scottish attire infused with lots of special surprises and extraordinary heroes. Models ran the gamut from Canada’s Fashion Santa and Kilted Chef to Canadian military heroes.


Renowned designers, both established and emerging, unveiled their latest collections, demonstrating the versatility and sophistication of Scottish-inspired couture. A highlight included hats from The Peaky Hat worn by many models on the catwalk. The show featured a fusion of classic Scottish motifs with modern silhouettes along with a few surprises and shirtless men in kilts for some cheeky fun for a good cause.  


“We are thrilled to bring back Dressed to Kilt for its 2024 edition, continuing the tradition of showcasing the intersection of Scottish heritage and contemporary fashion,” said Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, founder of Friends of Scotland, the charity that puts on the event. “This year’s event was the most dynamic yet, with an extraordinary lineup of designers, performers, and cultural offerings that will inspire and enchant audiences from around the globe.”


Dressed to Kilt has long been recognized as the number one Scottish fashion show in the world, promoting Scottish culture and creativity on the international stage. This is also a charity event, and the recipient of this year’s efforts will be The Royal Canadian Legion (specifically, The Poppy Fund), the largest veteran’s organization in Canada.


To learn more visit or follow Dressed to Kilt on Instagram @dressedtokilt.


Dressed to Kilt is a global fashion phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of style and culture. Founded by Sir Sean Connery and Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, this iconic event has redefined the fashion landscape, merging the elegance of black-tie attire with the rich history of Scotland. As the world's most prestigious Scottish fashion show, Dressed to Kilt celebrates the fusion of heritage and haute couture. With a legacy of celebrity-filled shows and a commitment to promoting Scottish heritage, Dressed to Kilt has become synonymous with fashion excellence and creativity. For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, please visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn & Tik Tok.

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