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2023 Highlights




The theme of the Toronto fashion show will be “Dress for Adventure – From Caledonia to Canada”. This is a tribute to the fashion of the countryside and the great outdoors. The runway becomes a stage for outdoor lifestyle fashion that encompasses hunting, shooting, riding, hiking and with the Toronto show this will also include skating, skiing and winter sports in general. Creativity meets innovation on the DTK platform. There is a Country Chic look that is emerging, and this movement is bringing nature back into urban environments. This influence of the countryside in urban style (tweeds, tailoring, plaid, cashmere, leather and suede) is adding warmth and softness to the city silhouettes and attitudes.


For those you who are new to Dressed to Kilt, it is the largest, most prestigious and exciting Scottish fashion show in the world. It is also one of the highest profile fashion shows in the United States in terms of press & media generation. It was co-founded by Sir Sean Connery and Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll in 2003. Though the fashion runways of New York City are the home of Dressed to Kilt, this annual celebrity show has also performed to sold-out audiences in a castle, a cathedral, an airplane hangar in Houston, as well as in Los Angeles and most recently Washington DC, the nation’s capital.





Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex

    25 British Columbia Road

  Exhibition Place

Toronto, Ontario  M6K 3C3

Following a very successful sold-out 20th Anniversary Dressed to Kilt fashion show in Washington DC, DTK has been invited to hold its 2024 show in Toronto, Canada. This is an important show as it will be the first time for the show to be held outside the United States. The next show is now confirmed for Saturday evening, April 6, 2024 – Tartan Day. Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of about 3 million people. It is the center of the fashion, business, entertainment and culture. Scotland has had an extraordinary role in the settlement and development of Canada since its inception and Scots have been involved in every aspect of Canada’s development. Scots-Canadians have been at the forefront of the Canadian state, its government, its commerce and its public affairs. Many of Canada’s great universities bear the names of influential Scots who shaped their founding.

Built in 1926, the Liberty Grand is one of Toronto’s few heritage complexes. This monumental waterfront property boasts three impressive grand ballrooms, decorated in traditional early 1900’s elegance, and a modern open concept room. With crystal chandeliers, iron-laced balconies, thirty-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Ontario, there is a feel of stately elegance. The European style courtyard, majestic domes and columns bring back memories of an authentically historic atmosphere. As well, there is ample parking right outside the facility, and it is a very short taxi/Uber ride from central Toronto.




The pulsating rhythm of fashion runways usually reverberates with cutthroat competition, rapid trend evolution and insatiable hunger for novelty. Amidst this dazzling, ever-chaging spectacle, Dressed to Kilt has etched a distinctive identity that goes beyond merely showcasing celebrity models in traditional kilts or stunning professional models in the latest fashion-forward attire. At the heart of this show is charity and philanthrophy. The charity facet of this fashion show is well-recognized within industry corridors. DTK has raised millions for Veteran’s causes throughout the years, earning acclaim and extensive recognition.


Its partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation has drawn renewed attention and admiration for their endeavors. In every recent show there have been several former Navy SEALS doing their best to imitate Fifth Avenue runway models. The DTK Board of Directors agrees to raise funds for The Royal Canadian Legion with the Toronto show. The Royal Canadian Legion is the largest Veterans organization in Canada and it was founded by Veterans for the benefit of Veterans. They advocate for all who served Canada, regardless of where and when they served. They also provide assistance to their families at no cost. The Legion helps thousands of Veterans each year and makes positive changes in their lives.


2023 Highlights


Photos and Videos of last season's star studded Dressed To Kilt Runway show. 

Army Medals




We are proud to support such an amazing and highly respected organization and noble cause. 




Take a walk down a star studded memory lane. 


Image by Highlight ID



A list of our notable models slated to walk the runway this season. 





A look at the special relationship between Native American Tribes and Scottish Clans




This list will continue to grow


“I wanted to personally thank you and your Dressed to Kilt colleagues for your significant financial contribution. Your generous partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation makes a difference for these brave warriors, their Naval Special Warfare teammates and to their families”

Robin King , Chief Executive Officer 

Navy SEAL Foundation

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